Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting There

In my Wujifa training i always seem to noticed 'point A'. Point A is where i am. Generally in my practice, i receive adjustments or remember adjustments from a previous practice, 'point B', and then i make the adjustments internally. As my training progresses i have noticed more and more of the 'getting there' process. This seems to be very important. Being aware as i am 'getting there' has some very profound implications and has been a part of my daily practice lately.

Sometimes it seems as though i soon forget point A once i allow my body to relax into zhang zhuang. Have you ever been sitting at your desk or leaned over a table, maybe working on something intently... then you may have happened to notice how hunched over you have become? You then adjust yourself and may ask: 'how was i even sitting like that?' Out of curiosity, you may go and try to tense yourself again... warping your body to imitate the contorted posture you were holding and find it may even be difficult to believe how you could even hold that much tension now that you are aware of it.

In awareness, i have noticed, there is a certain type of energy that demands health, alignment, and connection. Without that awareness i seem to become stuck in patterns of thought which can be unhealthy and lead me to sit at my desk, for example, unaware of the tension i hold. Isnt it interesting that when we are aware, healthy and connected we can take the time to go back and find the pathway that led us to our tensions... and maybe in noticing 'getting there' we can find something even more significant, which may be a clue as to an even bigger picture of the patterns we may rigidly be holding on to internally.


  1. Nice Trevor!

    I enjoy reading you thought and about you practice of the wonderful art of Wujifa! Point A and point B maybe we can C more deeply as we learn and grow in our practices!

  2. I really enjoyed the article. Thank you so much for covering this! It is well written, clear and concise.

  3. I visited your blog for the first time and became your fan. Keep posting as I am going to read it everyday.